Friday, March 8, 2013

Classroom Poetry Reading

We had some fun sharing our poetry today.  Not all students chose to share and not all chose to submit these latest pieces to a children's publication our librarian had told us about.  Still the opportunity was there and I loved being in the back of the room watching and listening to these  readings proceed. 

Haiku was the type of poetry the national journal suggested students send in, so we listened to many short pieces.  They were wonderful.  Also wonderful was the classroom audience reaction.  They can be so supportive of someone in front of the class, baring their writing attempts. I had forgotten to turn off the projector so they were actually in a sort of spotlight, which may have increased nervousness.

Following each presentation, around the room hands were quickly raised in earnest asking, "Choose me, choose me!" and faces looked at me eagerly.  They seemed to sort of hop and skip out of their seats to the front of the room to read to fellow writers.  Attention was on the poet's reciting and polite clapping followed signaling enjoyment of the words.  But I think it also signaled recognition.  Recognition of what it takes for a writer to share in front of a group.  I beamed with pride.


  1. that is wonderful---hopefully even the most reluctant will one day try. I know I was very reluctant to write and share poetry especially on a blog. It isn't that I didn't want to. I was intimated by who might read it. Those kids deserve recongition!! The bloggers comments always make me feels good and ready to try some more!

  2. Congratulations to your student poets. It's exciting when they experience writing for an authentic audience. Hopefully you've lit a spark for them all!